Student Transcripts and Records

If you are actively enrolled in an Avon Maitland District School and you require a transcript, diploma or a certificate, please contact your school directly. Go to our School Directory for a listing of schools.

If you are actively enrolled in school, student transcripts are free.

If you are not actively enrolled in school the fee is $10.00 for a transcript. In accordance with Regulation 293 of the Education Act, fees are now charged for an official transcript. If you are not actively enrolled in school and are applying for College, you must request your transcript online through the Ontario College Application Centre.

If your graduation/retirement date is post 1980, again contact the school directly if you are not applying for College. Information for the secondary schools within our board please go to our School Directory.

If your graduation/retirement date is prior to 1980, or if you are interested in obtaining a record other than your transcript, please call Information Services at 519-482-5428 ext. 350 or by email at [email protected]. If you send someone else to pick up your transcript, please supply a signed authorization letter.

If you have concerns about the information contained on your transcript, please contact the last school you attended. For information for the secondary schools within our board please go to our School Directory.

Requesting Other Types of Student Records

Every student in public education in Ontario has an Ontario Student Record (OSR) folder. This folder contains various documents relating to the student’s progress through our public school system. Once a student leaves public education in Ontario (i.e. either they move or they graduate), these records are kept at the last school they attended for 5 years. After that time, they are sent to the Education Centre for imaging and the OSR cover, the final official secondary school transcript of marks are kept for a grand total of 55 years, as required by law.

Please note: We do not keep duplicate copies of high school diplomas. However, the diploma you earned and the month and year you earned it are noted on the bottom of your transcript. Contact the last school you attended for these records.

Special Education reports created by Special Education staff (e.g. social workers, psychologists, speech language pathologists) are retained until the student is 31 years old as required by law. For current students, contact your school for copies of documents. For former students, contact the Board’s Learning Services Department. You will need to sign a release of information if the records are being requested by, or are going to be given to, a third party.

Requests for these types of records may be subject to fees.

Proof of Address for Revenue Canada

If you receive notification from Revenue Canada that you need to provide proof of your child’s address, Please note: address information is not archived within our Student Information System which means we may not be able to provide exact addressing confirmation.

My doctor or lawyer wants a copy of my/my child(ren)’s school records

If your doctor or your lawyer requests copies of your or your child(ren)’s school records, a written request for the records must be sent to the Information Management Department at the Avon Maitland District School Board, 163 Princess St, Box 559, Clinton ON, N0M 1L0

The request must be accompanied by a signed release from the parent/guardian/adult student authorizing the release of the records.